Large Employers

K-Arogia, through its 100% subsidiary, WhiteCross Health Initiatives Pvt. Ltd, offers OHC services to employer groups to help them to

  1. Manage the wellness of their employees right from primary care to hospitalizations and emergencies
  2. Lower health insurance premium spend

We are the single largest OHC network in India in the employer group space with more than 150 clinics across 16 cities in India. We manage the health of more than 4,00,000 employees, thereby influencing close to 2 million lives across India.

As part of our OHC setup we provide the following services

  1. Clinical Management services
  2. Wellness program management
  3. Pro-active care management
  4. Hospitalization management
  5. Employee clinical protocol and medication adherence management
  6. Ambulance management
  7. Emergency management
  8. Medicines, medical supplies and equipment supply management